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Monday, June 23, 2008

Bouquets for Monday, June 23

About 3/4 of today's bouquets looked like these two:

The yellow daisy is actually a shasta daisy called 'Sonnenshein' (Sunshine). The airy purple flowers in the first bouquet are larkspur 'Blue Cloud' and the little pink daisies in the pink and blue bouquet are erigeron.

There were also several bouquets in a pink-purple-green color scheme. The pink Clear Springs delphiniums are usually a dusty rose or mauve color like the ones in the picture. I didn't like the color at first until I saw how good it could look with purple and green.

Lastly, there were also a few all pastel bouquets. This photograph makes it look like a bouquet with 2 big yellow eyes and a bright pink mouth. I've really got to get my friend Leslie to take some of these pictures to avoid gaffes like this.
When the bouquet is all pastel like this it looks kind of Easter-y, like a cotton candy confection.

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