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The cut flower business ended in 2011 but I continue to post other items about gardening.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cut Flower Business Ending

I decided to take a position as Managing Director of Project Grow and finished the Good Scents flower season in August 2011. I have been involved with Project Grow since the mid 80s, as a gardener, volunteer in numerous positions and board member. When the Managing Director unexpectedly resigned in June, I decided to apply for the position, have since been hired, and started on August 1st.

While it might be possible to do both - I ran Good Scents for the first 6 years while working full time - doing so would defeat the purpose of me stopping the business in the first place. While I love growing flowers and many other things about the business, it is a very time consuming job that leaves no time for any gardening outside of work!