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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bouquets for Monday June 16th

There were some nice color combinations in these flowers but the bouquets didn't look as full to me as they have the last couple times. Most of them contained a delphinium, a lily and two or three peonies so there were lots of big flowers but perhaps not as many smaller ones.

These are pretty much the same flowers as last Friday - peonies, delphinium, trollius, sweet william, veronica, mock orange, yarrow, and alchemilla. A few bouquets also contained some white phlox.

This next one actually looked a lot brigher than this. The colors are red, yellow, orange and white.

This one looked pretty cool because the white lily opens quite green and matches the alchemilla but contrasts with the pinks.

You can see the white Phlox maculata on the left in this yellow, blue and white bouquet.

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