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The cut flower business ended in 2011 but I continue to post other items about gardening.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bouquets for Monday May 25th

These bouquets have commercial chrysanthemums and statice but also include the first peonies and forced lilies. The brilliant pink peony is 'Paula Fay'. I don't have any other peonies that are quite that color. the Wild's catalog says somthing like the color, "carries well across the garden" which it certainly does. The big blue and white stippled iris is (I think) 'Stepping Out'.

The orange lily with the black blotches is an asiatic lily called 'Loreto'. I have not grown it before but it is certainly striking.

Bouquets for Friday May 22nd

I've been really bad about taking pictures this year. About half the bouquets last Friday look like this. The chrysanthemums and statice are commercial flowers. The large white flowers on the lower left are double file viburnum. The arching flower with the varigated leaves is varigated solomon's seal. You can also seen allium 'Purple Sensation' and perennial bachelor's button (Centaurea montana).

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heirloom Tomato Sale

The second part of Project Grow's heirloom tomato sale is this Saturday May 16th from 8am-3pm in front of the People's Food Co-op on $th Avenue in Ann Arbor. Plants were also available at the Matthaei Botanical Garden plant sale last weekend and more than 2/3 of the plants were snapped up there, so if you are looking for unusual tomato seedlings be sure to stop by this Saturday.

Bouquets for Friday May 15th

I've been really busy and have not been keeping up with posting pictures. The flowers in the bouquets have pretty much been the same for the past few weeks - daffodils, tulips, crabapple branches, Doronicum, and lilacs.

Flowers for tomorrow were either pink and white or yellow and white like these:

I'm about out of tulips and daffodils and still waiting to see if enough shasta daisies, iris, alliums and columbines will open up for next Monday. It is not looking too good right now.