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Friday, June 20, 2008

Bouquets for Friday June 19th

I got caught a little short of filler flowers today because most of the feverfew from last year didn't make it though the winter for some reason. I ended up resorting to commercial white chrysanthemums in most of the bouquets. All the main flowers were about the same as Monday - delphiniums, peonies, lilies, yarrow, leucanthemum, alchemilla, veronica and trollius. There was still a little sweet william and penstemon and most bouquets also contained hosta leaves and mint.

Color combinations for today were blue-yellow-white, apricot-purple, apricot-lavender, blue-pink-white and red-yellow-white. If you got flowers today, your bouquet probably looked something like ones of these:

All in all they were quite nice though I always feel a little guilty when I have to resort to using commercial flowers.

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