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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bouquets for Monday, June 30th

I was pretty much working with same flowers as last Friday. I made one red-white-blue bouquet that turned out pretty well so I may try to do more of these on Friday. The bright red flowers are Monarda didyma 'Jacob Kline', and the airy little white flowers are annual baby's breath (Gypsophila elegans)

Quite a few bouquets were purple and orange. The achillea you see in the middle left of the bouquet is 'Terra Cotta'.

I also made a few red-yellow-white bouquets with white delphiniums and red lilies. The big bright yellow daisy is Heliopsis scabra, a really great long lived perennial I have not had time to write about yet.

Most of the others were similar to Friday's: blue-yellow, blue-pink-white, pink-purple-green and pale blue-salmon.

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