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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bouquets for Monday July 7th, 2008

All the bouquets are still made up of at least 80%-90% perennials. A few annuals are trickling in - baby's breath, snapdragons, clarkia - but all the big flowers are still perennials like delphiniums and lilies.
As more and more flowers come in I am able to use more color schemes each week. Monday's flowers included these:
Blue-yellow-white pretty much the same flowers except I now have Centaurea macrocephala.

I've will keep making this light blue and coral combination as long as the Clarkia hold out. I really like it.

Yellow-red-orange (and sometimes white) is a color scheme I use fairly often but it looks different throughout the year as the flowers change.

Blue-pink-white (and sometimes crimson) is a classic combination for a perennial border that I always think looks good in a vase. The white and pink pinwheel phlox is 'Natasha', and the red-purple monarda is 'Raspberry Wine'. The red monarda 'Jacob Kline' that you see above is true red - it doesn't really have any orange in it so it can be combined with both oranges and pinks, but 'Raspberry Wine' definitely has a lot of blue in it. Both of these monardas are resistant to powdery mildew.

Purple or lavender with orange or melon is the color combination people most often comment on. The colors are a bit deceptive in the photo. The orange lily and the butterfly weed are brilliant ORANGE, not almost red as they appear in the picture.

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