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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bouquets for Friday, August 4th

Still using about the same flowers as for the last couple weeks. Solidaster, a naturally occurring hybrid of goldenrod and aster that I really like has started to bloom. Solidaster has tiny pale yellow flowers that can be combined with almost anything. Here is a picture of it combined with lily 'Suncrest', lisianthus 'Echo champagne' and dianthus 'Amazon Neon Red'.
I feel like you can take almost anything and combine it with lisianthus and it looks elegant. The next picture is of white lisianthus with yellow zinnias, statice and yarrow and red gomphrena.

In addition, Friday's bouquets included many pink-white, all purple, and red-yellow-orange bouquets similar tot he ones I've been making for the past week or so.

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