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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bouquets for Friday August 15th and Monday August 18th

I never got around to posting about last Friday so I'm combining it into Monday. There is not much new to say because the flowers I have been using have not been changing much. Lisianthus, sunflowers, statice, zinnias, feverfew, dianthus, lilies, rudbeckia, ageratum - quite a list when it is all strung together but it has not changed much in the past few weeks.

I've been making lots of purple and white bouquets for the past couple weeks. The only thing in this bouquet that hasn't appeared in previous weeks is the big white dahlia.

I made several for Monday with this somewhat unorthodox color combination of "champagne" lisianthus with yellow statice and cherry red zinnias and dianthus. The lisianthus is able to pick up both the yellow and the cherry colors.

I never seem to get tired of combining apricot or orange and purple. I prefer orange but I've got melon colored lilies so this is what I came up with.

Last Friday I made quite a few bouquets with purple and white lisianthus, fuzzy blue ageratum and pale yellow solidaster.

Each week I end up making a few one of a kind bouquets though I usually don't take pictures of them because only one customer will actually receive one. Here is one that is made up entirely of apricot/peach/salmon colors. It is more Martha Stewart-ish than most of the stuff I do but I really liked it.

Last Friday I made one bouquet using silver and pink that was kind of fun. The silver is from artemesia 'Silver King'.

Looking at the bouquets from the past few weeks you can see why I go to so much trouble to grow lisianthus. They are beautiful cut flowers and I like to be able to have enough to use them generously.

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