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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The latest daffodils

A few more daffodils are in bloom now and appeared in Yesterday's bouquets.

Going from top to bottom:
  • 'Stratosphere' - the stem on this daffodil was actually 18 inches long. I had to cut it to get it in the picture with the others.
  • 'Stainless' - a very pretty pure white.
  • 'Tahiti' - yellow and orange double.
  • 'Gay Kybo' - white and orange double. These are huge and really gorgeous. It looks more like a gardenia than a daffodil.
  • 'Cool Flame' - this is the large one with the pinkish cup. You won't see many of these because the stems have been disappointingly short.
  • 'Geranium' (white with orange cup) - quite late and a nice fragrance, though it has a hint of that paperwhite scent to it.
  • 'Quail' (yellow, bottom right) - I really like this daffodil. It is fairly late, fragrant and a strong grower. The stems are bit short for cut flower purposes but it is very nice.

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