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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Signs of Spring

A few more signs of spring around my place. A few crocus are blooming against the house in addition to the snowdrop that has been there for a couple weeks.

There are also some snowdrops now blooming in the open in the shade garden. They have actually been blooming out there for more than a week but the camera took an 8 day vacation to Florida without me, so no pictures until now.

While I was taking pictures of the snowdrops I also noticed these seeds sprouting:

These are seeds of Scilla siberica, the little intense blue scillas that will begin blooming in a few weeks. The seeds begin germinating under the snow in March and by April will look like little blades of grass. I mentioned this once to a friend of mine and a horrified expression came on her face as she said, "Oh NO! I thought they were grass and spent hours pulling them all out!" If you leave those little blades of grass year after year you eventually get that "field of blue" effect that looks so cool in spring.

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