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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Few Close-ups from the Garden

I seem to never remember to bring a camera to the farm but I did yesterday so I took a few close-ups. This is dahlia 'Cornel'. The flower is about 3" across.

This is a yellow dahlia called 'Hissy Fitz'. It is larger, maybe 4-5 inches across.

A couple Rudbeckia hirta next. The first is the quill petaled 'Chim Chiminee' and the second is a double called 'Autumn Sunset'. Both are quite large, perhaps 3-4 inches across.

Then a couple Benary's Giant zinnias. The first is 'Wine Red'. It is like Benary's Giant Purple except a bit redder and a bit darker. A nice color though I was hoping it would be darker. The second is 'Salmon Rose', one I have not grown before.

Last of all are a couple delphinium pictures. The first is from the 'Misty Mauves' seed strain from Dowdeswell Delphiniums in New Zealand. The 'Misty Mauves' is interesting because the flowers are so doubled. I think the color is really cool, too - the outermost (bottom most?) petals are tipped in pale blue. Also, unlike other delphiniums I grow, this one has almost no contrasting center or 'bee'. The second picture is of 'Aurora', a really nice hybrid delphinium. You can really notice doubling and absence of a bee when you compare the 'Misty Mauves' to the 'Aurora'. All delphinums are gorgeous, or course, but the 'Aurora' looks almost dowdy in comparison to the 'Misty Mauves', especially when view closely like this.

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