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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Botanical Names 101 - Lesson 2

The latest Bluebird newsletter has some more fun species names.

angustifolius (an-gus-ti-FO-li-us). Narrow-leaved.
australis (as-TRA-lis). Southern.
canadensis (kan-a-DEN-sis). From Canada.
deltoides (del-TOID-ez). Triangular shape.
mollis (MOL-lis). Soft, hairy.
nutans (NU-tanz). Nodding.
pallida (PAL-lid-a) Pale.
rupestris (ru-PRES-tris). Rock-loving.
scandens (SKAN-denz). Climbing.
speciosus (spe-si-O-sus). Showy, good-looking.
spicata (spi-KA-ta). With spikes.

I can only think of a couple of these off the top of my head but they do fit. For example, Lady's Mantle is Alchemilla mollis and the leaves are indeed soft and fuzzy. Gayfeather or Liatris spicata blooms on long, narrow spikes.

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