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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Polygonatum odoratum (Varigated Solomon's Seal)

This Solomon's Seal is a nice shade plant that is mainly grown for its varigated archectural leaves. It flowers in mid-May, and the little pendant flowers are supposed to be fragrant but I have never really noticed that they are. The main attraction is the leaves.
P. odoratum grow to be about a 18-24 inches tall. They grow pretty well even in quite dense shade but will fill in much quicker in more sun. I bought a pot with maybe a dozen stems in it at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market in 2001. I separated each stem into a separate plant when I put them in and then divided the resulting clumps in the same way in 2006. They now fill an entire 100 square foot bed.

These are nice plants for cutting. The leaves are pretty in themselves and they bloom and are available to cut just in time to help with the May slow time (which is starting about now).

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