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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Trollius chinensis (Globe Flower)

Trollius ‘Golden Queen’
Trollius is another nice flower for the late May slow time. When I first started Good Scents I bought a few trollius plants but I wanted to find more when I saw they bloomed in late May. You don't see trollius offered very often as a small perennial, usually a sign that they are difficult from seed. However, I saw the seed available and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, they germinated quickly and easily and so this year I will be starting more.

Trollius flowers are 1 or 2 inch, semi-double, shiny and bowl shaped - kind of like a ranunculus but smaller and without so many petals. The variety I started is ‘Golden Queen’ although it is really more orange than gold.

Orange trollius with globe allium, blue columbine and yellow loepard's bane daisies

Trollius, along with astilbes and lysmachia and ferns are one of the few nice cut flowers that grow well in filtered sun or partial shade. Unfortunately, they also all require consistent moisture to do well. If you are one of those lucky people who has a spot in your yard that is “consistently moist but well drained” (where do those conditions naturally occur?) then this is a great plant to include in your garden. If, like me, you are not blessed with these magical conditions, you can try artificially creating them the way I did - see Constantly Moist Soil.

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